WoW Armory 09/23/2007

WoW Armory is an awesome searchable database for World of Warcraft.

This bad boy gets its information from real live realms.  It is totally free and up to date.But there is something else you need  to get if you wanna run with the higher level players fast. Read on and I will tell you how.

A great game-winning companion to Wow Armory is the best Alliance leveling guide available here.

The benefits of WoW Armory are:

Find out which characters are best for your type of play
Learn where the dungeon and raid drops are
Know all of the Faction Rewards and PvP Rewards too

Even though it is still in beta, the WoW Armory rules. Wondering about guilds, items, or even bosses?  You will find the answers in there.

WoW Armory is so cool that you need to bookmark it now and use it with your Alliance Guide.